Saturday, October 25, 2014

Getting Ready for 6.0 Something

So I logged in for the first time today, nothing BIG has changed other than the fact some spells got a much needed cleanup as well as Warlocks losing their mobility????  Y U DO DIS?

The new Kiljaeden's Cunning makes us THINK and break down all our fights into 8 second intervals:

A. Which 8 seconds, and where do we need to move?
B. When can I pop this for a moving Chaos Bolt?

This shall be interesting.

Hunters got shafted, we lost serpent's sting! I've been using this spell as my default pulling spell for SEVEN YEARS? Oh well I'll adapt.

Druids: Wild Growth has a cast time..AGAIN? Make up your minds! You know what I don't even care as long as I still get to fock around in tree form!

Anyone going to Blizzcon and want to be best friends? Let me know before the event starts!

Truny the Nerfed But Not Really

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Wowowowow ohai gusy wusup?

So I have not been very active here nor have I even logged in to raid for the past 2 months or so. I kind of stopped caring after we killed Garrosh back in February.

I'm still subbed, waiting for WoD to launch, but I've been putzing about Archeage (Inoch server) and having a blast. Anyone else playing? Find me I'm "Klupty"!

Anyways this blog is long due for an overhaul!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

No Competition

Hi Reader,

Still subscribed? Pah!

So one thing I like about super rare tedious devious excruciating low drop rate mounts is that you generally face no competition for them once they go out of style and are farmable.

Looks like this week was a good week for me in terms of "outstanding things to do", after not giving a flying monkey's butt for the game, come back and farm some dungeons and land two "rare" mounts! Not bad at all!

Though its quite seizure invoking!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Like Glass

Hello Reader,

I'll admit, I've been on Elder Scrolls Online for the majority of my available online time. The world is just so vast and immersive, the quests are not redundant and I am self sufficient in my crafting!

Anyways, this is about WoW. What's like glass?

Well after two years of on and off farming:

Yes, the stupid Vitreous Stone Drake out of stupid Stonecore! Now I've only ever seen this mount drop once EVER, which was when I was leveling up an alt in the regular instance and the (of course) worst performing rogue won it (always).

With this drake down, there's only the one left in Vortex Pinnacle and the RIDICULOUS spawn-rate ones such as Time-Lost and Aeonaxx, though I regret not having searched harder before the merger of the servers, cause now there's just too many people!?!?

Anyways! Bye!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

ESO Early Access Reviews - WIP

So as many of you know, actually many of you don't know, but I've been wasting a lot of time in Skyrim for the past couple months as a replacement time-waster to what is now a rather boring WoW.

Of course, I hopped ship and bought the ESO Imperial thingamajig and was delighted to find out there was early access to the game. So, for those who wish to know what Truny thinks of the game, here's what I have to say so far.

Note, I am only level 7:

The World

Big and beautiful with treasures and gathering mats scattered in various nooks and crannies, and it is massive. I would say just the starting zone is almost as big as the entirety of Pandaria...and when you zoom out to the world map, there are probably a good THIRTY of these zones....too bad I am too low level to explore high level areas, more on that later.

There's a lot of exploration, be it for random books in bookshelves, special lore books or Skyshards, which are super shiny rocks that give you a skill point once you've accumulated three.

There are also locked treasure chests scattered around the world and I would recommend you allocate some of your wealth to acquiring lock-picks. Chests give a lot of exp and usually contain better than normal stuff. I was disappointed they went back to the Oblivion style of having to tinker around with five keys, but now that I've gotten the hang of it it's pretty fun to mess around with, especially when other MOFOS are running towards the same chest! You essentially have to compress the lock until it JUST begins to jiggle, then let go!

The Classes

So we all know you can choose from Dragonknight (DK), Sorcerer, Templar, or Nightblade. Sure, they give access to three different skill trees to choose from. So how I see it is this is your BASE but the game is so so super flexible.

See here, my character is a "sorcerer" who utilizes the dots and summoning, but...wears and uses heavy armor perks, and also uses 2H weapon skills.

A battlemage!

For those who have raided with my warlock should know that all my ranting and raving that warlocks should wear heavy armor and use the 2H weapons that don't drop was a persistent demand on my side, and these demands have been met!

I can cast my DOT, charge into battle, swing my sword and cast my 2nd finisher DOT, it's beautiful! I also have a summoned pet, a Clannfear, i'd prefer him to be a Doomguard, but..hey...

Anyways, the "classes" themselves provide what I call "special skills" but I believe the true core of gameplay comes from how you set your skills and perks from all the different weapon and armor skills, racial skills, skills from various guidls you can join, and if you're not the violent fighty type you can even devote all your skill points to crafting, given you grind enough.


So how does this game fare so far as an MMO or as an Elder Scrolls game?

Well, a bit of both but not too much. Again I'm only level 7 and I have recently gone on a resource gathering frenzy.

In terms of ES, the UI will be very familiar to ES players, and the MMO portion comes from the fact that you get exp by questing rather than just playing.

I think one part that hinders the game...if that can even be said is because it's an MMO everything around you does not automatically scale to your level. So you can't just stroll across the planet and expect to be able to handle everything. It's limiting but what can you do right? Explore more when you're higher level!


Ok last topic, since my reserve of information is pretty much all used up. The various professions are interesting and potentially grindy, but then again you can't expect to max everything right away, this is ES, not WoW.

Right away you can gather mats without the need of special tools and you can craft right away provided you have the mats.

I'd have to say I have never felt so self sufficient in an MMO than in ESO. I've crafted my own gear (though thanks to a friend for crafting sets of stuff for me before I can even equip the stuff), enchanted my own gear, made my own little buff foods and even attempted alchemy, F*CK alchemy it hates me but I must continue to look for plants!

Surprisingly according to the guides, and they are get more crafting exp from "deconstructing" shit other people have created than actually making your own shit...

Enchanting and Alchemy are the bane of my existence, for enchanting you must find three different rune types, which are random resource nodes around the world that look like little shrines. You interact with it by carving out the rune. You combine a pentagon/square/circle one and then The Voice of God himself reads out the various runes that you are trying to use "Joda, Meipe, Deseca" (or something like that), and I find this extremely entertaining. Though I am always short one shape!

Anyways, I'll update as needed, not sure if this will transform into a WoW/ESO blog or not!

Turny the Battlemage Khajit