Friday, April 13, 2012

Random Transmogservations: Hood of the Malefic

I have been swapping the look of Truny around recently and went for a "darker" feel, away from the bright colored T13 robes. With a set of darker robes, the Tentacly Helm of Tentacles started to clash and stick out like a sore tentacle so I defaulted back to the famous Helm of the Malefic, or the Warlock Wings Helm.

I'm not sure when this change took place, but the wings on the helm no longer "proc" or flap, now they just "appear" everytime you jump, but don't flap!

I think it's kind of nice that our wings can be triggered via jumping, which logically makes sense since we'd want to slow fall at every opportunity, but I do kind of miss the flapping. With my "extensive" research into this (aka glancing at wowhead comments), I am going to embark on a journey to see if any type of costume/something can proc/trigger the wing flaps again!

Truny the Malefic


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