Sunday, September 29, 2013

Brewfest Complete!

So I guess it takes an insurmountable effort of bitching, whining, and moaning to actually get anything done in this game. I've been complaining and complaining about not getting loot and mounts ALL week, and that ALL I needed was the Swift Brewfest Ram to drop so I wouldn't have any other reason to log in until raid, which by the way is going great.

I've really really been meaning to do the Celestial Pet Tourney for baby Xuen, but...levelling a second Chrominius/Anubisath/Snail is just....bah, I'd rather level and quest in Final Fantasy 14, which is where I've been hiding lately!

So lo and behold, as I am cycling toons with my friend in our Coren Direbrew slaughter, a Ram drops!

Done Brewfest forever!

Truny the Ramful

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